Will Yosemite’s Half Dome cables get up early?

The plan is to erect the pipes and boards that hold up the 600+ foot long cables at Half Dome on May 22. This is the date that the rangers and trail crew plan to do this. It’s hard work and takes the better part of a day.

An obvious question is … will they get erected earlier in 2015?  They were in another drought year, 2014.

Half Dome cables

Half Dome’s cables go up May 22 – for now

Currently, there are no plans not to wait until May 22. Why? Well, HD is about 9,000 feet up. Mountain weather can move in quickly. Another Arctic blast could dump some real snow.

We have a full month until the HD season kicks off. A lot can happen by then. I have feelers out to the park to gauge when the thinking will change. I’ll let you know ASAP. However, what about granting permits to go up?

All permits for the season have been given out via the lottery (except for the 2 day advance system.).  That will be 50+.  They might use that to distribute permits for any extra early dates. We shall see.

I suggest you tune in regularly to check things out.  Watch the little weather button on the right side for the latest. Thunderstorms are expected this week…..you never know.

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