Yosemite Valley in 8K resolution on new LG 98″ TV

Just when we were getting used to our HD sets running at a max of 2,000 dots per inch – the industry came out with 4K. This is double the resolution. Very impressive. How about double that – to 8K!!

In this video review, you will see brief segments of the 8K demo showing Yosemite Valley!  Yeah!  First, Apple calling their new OS: “Yosemite” and now this accolade.

Yosemite featured in 8k TV demo

Yosemite Valley

But wait, there’ no real reason to buy one since there is almost nil content out. Other than the demo DVDs the manufactures make (rivers, flowers and fields of grass), there isn’t much else to watch in 4K, let alone 8K. Yes, sets can up-convert Blue Ray to 4K and that looks very good, but don’t count on getting Animal House in 4K anytime soon.  Streaming is a bugger also. Bandwidth is just too great to fling it on the cable.

Now today. LG is showing an 8K TV set that measures 98 inches inches diagonally. Folks, that’s 8 feet. What wall would you put it on? They claim that you cannot see the dots even from 6 inches away. Oh, that is not the recommended viewing distance!

If you want to see the future – maybe 10 years down stream, head to the International CES show. That is the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas early January. It’s an industry buyer – seller show and not open to the public. But be creative and schmooze your way in.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way” ― Henry Ford.

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