Yosemite Snow Pack Looking Good – Waterfalls Will Gush

The snowpack for the Sierra was taken yesterday by the California Department of Water Resources. The location for their study is off Highway 50 near Lake Tahoe. It’s a ways from Yosemite, but is a good indicator of conditions at the park. This was the first of many surveys and things are looking bright for a good waterfall season. Surveys are conducted the first week of every month during the winter season. 2012 was a real bust with low water in the rivers early in July. If you have relatives planning a trip to the park, have them come in May or June. It’s pretty then and the falls are pretty much guaranteed. A September trip will be sans waterfalls.

Yosemite Falls in June

Currently, the statewide snowpack average is guessed at 134% of normal year-to-date. There is always caution in these reports. The winter season is still in its infancy and we can use more of the white stuff. I have friends going skiing this week at Tahoe resorts. The roads are clear and no precip is predicted.  Wear a helmet!

The Sierra Nevada snowpack supplies about 30% of the water used in the state. The Merced and Tuolumne Rivers play a big part in the storage plan.


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One Response to Yosemite Snow Pack Looking Good – Waterfalls Will Gush

  1. Maureen L says:

    Northern California forecast for next 3 months is for drier weather, not the deluges we’ve been having!

    So, that snowpack may be melting off during these lovely sunny days.

    Another factor that is coming to matter is the temperature patterns during the spring and early summer melting — do we get very warm days with incredible run-off or a more gradual melting.

    2011 was a high snow year, and May 2011 was really cold; it was still snowing in the high country, and then June was when the Valley meadows flooded.

    Half Dome cables weren’t up until very late in June 2011, but before Memorial Day in 2012.

    For 2013, who knows?

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