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     Cell coverage at the park is often a roll of the dice. If you are curious, you can drive behind the Valley Visitor complex towards the Magistrate’s Office and you will go by the AT&T facility. This is the cell antenna for the park. The way businesses work, other carriers pay to beam out from that location. 

     The best way to see if you get coverage in certain areas is just to turn your device on. Verizon seems to work good with ATT adequate. Sprint is iffy and T-Mobile is a zip. I can get ATT connection in the core Valley Visitor area and in Curry Village if I lean up against the Buffett sign outside. Don’t move or you will lose it.  The best seems to be a carrier that few visitors use – Golden State Cellular. They provided the first landline telephone service in the Mother Lode some 100 years ago and was the first to provide cellular service there. Golden State Cellular continues to exceed the consumer’s expectations by providing the largest network and coverage available in the Central Sierra.  They recently announced the addition of 3G Mobile Broadband to existing cell sites at the following locations:  Strawberry Peak, Copper Cove, Mt. Reba, Big Oak Flat, Murphys, Rushing Mountain, Coulterville, Hwy 4/49 intersection in  Angels Camp and Yosemite Village.  Golden State Cellular has the largest network and coverage available in the Central Sierra and Nationwide.

Here’s the official published YNP coverage plan of ATT and Verizon:  AT&T: Voice and EDGE data service are available in parts of Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows. Verizon Wireless: Voice and 1x data service are available in parts of Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, Crane Flat, El Portal, and Wawona. (Service in Yosemite is provided by Golden State Cellular; data roaming must be enabled on your phone to use data.)

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  1. mrhalfdome says:

    You’d think with close to 4M people coming they’d beef up the cell coverage. Most visitors stay in the 1% of YNP that’s the Valley, so the investment would not be that large. Although this is private enterprise, ATT and Verison and Sprint and TMobile could make bundle$ with better coverage.

    But then you’d figure YNP would want to use Go-To-Meeting to get better participation in important meetings that are only held at the park.


  2. Kathy says:

    I used myAT&T phone from Curry Village – inside one of the tent cabins for a conference call and had good coverage for the hour I was on the phone – no problem. I also worried that it would suck the life out of the battery and made arrangements to be able to recharge – but not real need, battery life was also fine.

    No AT&T coverage at Tuloumne Meadows – but I did have Verizon there.

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