New Yosemite Pricing

1, If you are corn-fused about the new pricing structure for entry and camping…so am I. To get it from the, well, “horses mouth” as they say, read the park’s version of the Babble.

2. Cables will be up this season from May 22 through October 12. No permit – no summit. There is still room to sign up for the Half Dome permit Webinar on Wed. Noon or 7 pm.  Slots are limited to 25, so “book ’em Dano.” We won’t start without you!

3. You might want to stroll through the YOSAR‘s report on incidents this summer.  Calm winter – the last entry was in October.

4. Rain heading to Yosemite by the weekend. Looks like Friday is 100% chance. It will be warm, so only the higher peaks may get some white stuff. ZERO precip fell in January.

5.This is the season for Horsetail Fall to glow orange. It is incorrectly called the Firefall. That was in Curry from 1872 to 1968. But anyway, it’s neat to see. I tried one year and it was overcast. It gets jammed with photogs. Watch the video.

Waterfall hit by the sun

Horsetail Fall glows at sunset


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