Yosemite job opening | NPS looking for a Deputy Chief Ranger

Hey – You love Yosemite – why not work there? The Visitor and Resource Protection Division is actively seeking a Deputy Chief Ranger.

OK, you need to have qualifications out the kazoo, but you can make up to $107K a year. GS 12/13. Plus you get to live in the best park in the world.

Ranger needed to be hired

YOU can be a Ranger at Yosemite

So what’s the job entail? It’s not an easy job. You’d be the head honcho for management and supervision of the majority of Ranger activities. As in law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency medical services, resources protection and prosecution of crimes.

Your boss will be Kevin Killian, the Chief Ranger. You’ll have to get deeply involved in the 500 annual law enforcement scofflaws, as well as the over 200 YOSAR responses.

It’s listed as an “office” job, but you need to be in tip-top shape. You need to convince them that you can lift stuff of up to 50 pounds and hike uphill with a heavy backpack, and survive for lng times in hot, cold or inclement weather. Hmmm, it reminds me of some Half Dome hikes!

Oh, you have to be US Govt law enforcement qualified – like handling a gun!

Interested? Know someone that could fit the bill? You only have until the 5th January. Contact Donna Dean, at Phone: (209)379-1814

Unrelated thought worth quoting: The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

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