Yosemite / Half Dome Santa List Part 5

Today we talk jackets. Generally, during the summer season for Half Dome (late May – Early Oct), you don’t need a jacket. But it’s a good idea to bring one if there is a chill coming in. Don’t even try the hike if rain is predicted. So on your Christmas list you may want to add a light jacket

My preference is for a very lightweight “shell” type jacket. Most that I have owned in the past, were too bulky to be able to be jammed into my pack. If you wear a jacket and later decide to stash it in the woods, the Rangers will consider it litter and pick it up. No more jacket. The best one I have found is the Patagonia “Houdini” – as in the magician. This thing is very light and I can not only fit it easily in my fanny pack, but I can actually jam it into my pant pocket. Wow. It is water “resistant” which doesn’t mean much in a downpour, but it will take the edge off a light wind and provide some measure of insulation in an emergency. Remember, you need to be prepared for Mt Weather changes.

Patagonia Houdini

The Houndini comes with an attached hood and one breast pocket. It runs about $125, but Zappo’s has it for $99 with free shipping. Patagonia has some gawd-awful colors, but blue is good for me. You’ll love it.

For all around wear and for use on kinda cold days, I love the The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket. It’s stylish, but is also 100% windproof! It sports good water repellency andhas  a fleece inner lining.  3 zipper pockets, Velcro sleeve fasteners and a drawstring to keep the breeze from coming up your front. I love this jacket. It runs about $150, but I just gone one at Altrec for $112. Odd colors can run cheaper.

North Face APEX

Confession: This summer I left my black one at the Curry Pizza place about 10 pm. Never to be seen again. So I just bought a new blue one from Altrec and it arrived with no shipping fee.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.” – Abe Lincoln

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