Yosemite Gateway Partners meeting Jan 9

Yosemite is seeking a new Deputy Chief Ranger

Yosemite is hosting the Gateway Partners meeting

I’m driving up Wed at attend the Yosemite Gateway Partners meeting at the park.  It’s Jan 9. I’m glad there is no snow as I hate chains. It’s a quarterly session that goes  from 9 – 2.  Anybody of rank at the park is there. Updates on projects and news are presented. The plans for the big anniversaries are briefed. The Emergency Services presentation is my favorite.

The audience numbers over 200 and includes the gateway towns of Groveland, Coulterville, Lee Vining, Mariposa, merced, Fresno, Oakhurst and others. ..usually tourist agencies, Visitor Centers and Chambers of Commerce.

The October meeting was cancelled  due to the rim fire, so we have 6 months of catching up. We will be shown the new short Ken Burns film on Yosemite. I’ll take good notes and highlight the salient points on this blog. I’ll ferret out any news about Half Dome.

If you have any topics you want me to bring up – please leave a comment. You know what a comment is? I rarely get any. We’ve had almost 300 people a day read this blog…and close to nil comments. I know you are out there. The NSA and I can even see you. Put tape over you camera!


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” – Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

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2 Responses to Yosemite Gateway Partners meeting Jan 9

  1. Maureen L says:

    Weds will be the 8th.

    I envy you chance to see the Ken Burns film, but I trust there will be many more. Maybe it will even be in the Yosemite Conservancy Theater rotation this summer?

    The gateway towns I come through the most are Mariposa (driving up on 140) and Groveland (coming in on 120).

    I’m wondering what the implications of the new plan for the South Entrance and the Mariposa Grove are, both for those coming up on highway 41 through Oakhurst and those visiting Wawona and the Grove.

    I wish that when the Valley gets closed due to no more parking spaces, we didn’t have to wait in line to get up to the entrance station to find that out. No tacky electronic signs, of course.
    Is there a “tune your car to for current park info” possibility? (Most of us can’t count on cell phone reception in the Park, so that old-fashioned mechanism seems the way to go!)

    • I’m driving up Wed at attend the Yosemite Gateway Partners meeting that is on Jan 9.

      I’ll see if there is a schedule for the Burns film…..and let you know if it’s any good. There are several DVDs out that have covered it all.

      there already is a radio alert station…at least on Hwy 120.

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