Yosemite Fees ARE going up. Park raises entry and camping fees


Yosemite is increasing the dollars a family will need to spend to enjoy the #1 national aprk. In 1997, admission jumped from $5 to get in to $20. So this increae is due.

While the current increase is said to deal with inflation and funds needed to implement programs – like the Merced River Plan, many feel this new decision will make it even harder for poor folks to come.

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The new fees are a kind of “demand pricing” scheme. During the winter months, the price will be lower, but summer use will see the new rates. August is the busiest month of all.

In summary, the fee will be $25 January through March and November through December. On March 1 entry rises to $25 then on Nov 1, back to $20.  Motorcycles will also get a entry price rise to $15.

Camping has the same timetable with $5 per night to $20 per night for family sites during off-prime months and $40 per night for group sites during winter. In summer these jump up to $6, $26 and $50.

The 5-month window for campsites requiring reservations will increase on February 1 for reservations between June 15 and July 14, 2015.  All walk-in campground fees will increase on March 1.

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