Yosemite / Half Dome Hike Implications; The Park is Closed, What next?

Yosemite is closed.

Yosemite is closed.

All National Parks closed at 12:01 am today. The Appropriations did not come from Congress to support non-essential elements of the country. Rangers are furloughed until further notice.

Yosemite is in a phased shut down. The gates are not locked, but current guests at the hotels and campsites need to depart by Thurs. 10/3 at 3pm. ALL California Roads will remain open but for transit only. Highways 120, 140, 41 are cross park transit and cannot be used for access to recreation. You are only allowed to drive to get to your destination.  You cannot stop along the road to view or take photos.  I suggest going east to Mono Lake and Bodie – both off Hwy 395.

The working rangers are sworn Law Enforcement officers and cite you. Regarding accommodations:  DNC is working with upcoming reservations to either reschedule or cancel if needed due to the shutdown. They are providing refunds.

Threw will be no hiking of Half Dome until this is resolved. The policy is NOT to give refunds within 2 days of your trip. Check with recreation.gov to see what they say about refunds. The cables are being taken apart for winter n Oct 15. You may still be able to go up. I’ll keep you posted as things develop. There is discussion in Congress on possibly opening up the parks.

In the nationwide National Park Service,  21,379 people out of 24,645 will be furloughed. Read more detailed information on the NPS Contingency Plan.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.” Lech Walesa 

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  1. Jeff says:

    Report from real-life Yosemite refugees… We had a nice room in Stoneman House (Curry Village) booked for the whole week, then congress decided to close the park on us. We had HD permits for Oct 1, and when we spoke to park rangers on Monday, they told us the plan was to allow hikers up on Oct 1, but not after that. So, we went yesterday despite the closure. Some hikers we spoke with on the trail saw a ranger collecting permits earlier in the day, but he was gone before we made the subdome. The trail was very lightly traveled, and we were literally the only ones on the cables when we came back down. I’d guess we saw maybe 50-60 hikers all day. By the time we made it back to the Vernal Fall footbridge, the restrooms were closed, and the water fountains were covered and locked. Even the trailhead parking lot had “Area Closed” signs up. I’m just glad they didn’t close/lcok the winter gates while we were up on the trail.

    Leaving Yosemite today was strange. Everyone seemed subdued. The parking lots were mostly empty, even at Curry. Day Use parking was barricaded and empty. We could have stayed till tomorrow, but with everything closed (trails, visitor center, activities), we decided to head out. A ranger stopped every car leaving the valley, helped with directions, and made it clear that you were not to stop anywhere inside the park on your way out. Transit only, no recreation.

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