Yosemite is looking for a new Deputy Chief Range

Yosemite is seeking a new Deputy Chief Ranger

Yosemite is seeking a new Deputy Chief Ranger

 Since August, Kevin Killian has served as the Yosemite Chief of Law Enforcement and Visitor Protection. This position is better known as the Chief Ranger. There is now a Department of Interior posting for a new Yosemite Deputy Chief Ranger. It’s for a high Government ranking of GS12 or 13, depending on experience. That could mean a salary of over $100,000.00. Includes Government housing.

This job involves management of law enforcement, emergency medical services, search and rescue and resource protection. Rangers under the Deputy Chief Ranger include those who check the permits at Half Dome.

The successful candidate must have a Type I Level law Enforcement Commission as issued by FLETC – the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia. Applications are open now until Dec 17. I’ll let you know who is selected.


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