Yosemite Conservancy gets major award from the National Park Service

Late June, the Director of the Nation Park Service awarded the ”Partnership Award” to our own Yosemite Conservancy. John Jarvis was in town for the 150th Anniversary celebration and met with Mike Tollefson, president and CEO of Yosemite Conservancy to hand over the award.

YC received the honor for their on-going support of Yosemite National Park through their philanthropic efforts.

In the last 15 years, YC has contributed over $81 million dollars to fund projects and programs in Yosemite.

The Conservancy goes back to its 1923 founding. It was known as the Yosemite Association for years. They merged with the Yosemite Fund a few years ago. YC was the first cooperating association within the National Park system.

A tip of the hat to YC management and the many volunteers. Join us for the annual Spring Gathering in the Fall. Watch this site for info. YC runs the webcams and produces the Nature Notes videos. (See the bone dry Yosemite Falls.)

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Now the trees are almost green. But will they still be seen? When time and tide have been. Fall into your passing hands. Please don’t destroy these lands. Don’t make them desert sands.” – The Yardbirds

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  1. Maureen L says:

    Yosemite Conservancy sponsors both a fall and a spring event for those who are active donors. The main activities are on a Saturday, with some extra things on the day before and after. (I think $25 still gets you in the game.) Fall day around the first weekend in October is usually at Wawona and late March day is centered at the valley visitor center (which has both the theater and an auditorium).

    These Saturdays now cost about $75, including your sandwich lunch and a wine and cheese reception. You get a bit more discount than the usual donor one at the stores the conservancy runs on that day.

    You get a choice of a few strolls with great guides (nothing strenuous, given the demographics of major donors), talks about restorations being planned, a chance to hear from the superintendent, etc.

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