Yosemite bed for $20???

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My trip to Yosemite last week ended with a pleasant surprise. I picked up a flyer promoting the park this fall. It hyped a special they are running – Stay one night in a unheated tent cabin at Curry Village and get another night free.

     So $40 for 2 nights!! Done deal. They require that you book it under those terms. Luckily I had the flyer to show that I was aware of the deal (it did not say you had to have the flyer), so they gave me that rate. If you are heading up and have a good sleeping bag, you may be able to tolerate the chill at 3 am. There are restrictions – like the pre-booking mention and I think it runs thru Nov 15.But check it out by calling Park Reservations at  801-559-5000.

For those unaware of the real “Diving Board,” here is a photo.         


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Fighting soldiers from the sky. Fearless men who jump and die. Men who mean just what they say – the brave men of the Green Beret.” – Ballad Of The Green Beret, Barry Sadler
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  1. john says:

    To heat the cabin just screw in a socket adapter. Run a ceramic heater on low.

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