Wilderness Watch Advocates Removal of Cable System

If you’re a recent reader, you may not be up to speed on the Half Dome cables situation.  The Group “Wilderness Watch” submitted a position during the open comment period for the Half Dome Stewardship Plan. Here is a synopsis of their perspective. Tomorrow I will post the entire letter they sent to the Superintendent.

Their words:

“In our scoping comments, Wilderness Watch urged the NPS to restore the area’s wilderness character by removing the cable system. We let the Park Service know we appreciate its efforts to address issues created by the cable system, including its incompatibility within designated Wilderness. We noted that the cable system is unnecessary to preserve the area as Wilderness and it conflicts with the Wilderness Act’s prohibition on structures and installations. We added that the cable system diminishes the area’s wilderness character by altering its natural, undeveloped condition and greatly decreasing opportunities for solitude. We encouraged the NPS to remove the cable system using non-motorized/mechanized tools and transport, and to determine an appropriate use level to preserve the area’s wilderness character. This is a good example of how a different perspective, one that accepts Wilderness on its own terms, is required to protect Wilderness. “

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2 Responses to Wilderness Watch Advocates Removal of Cable System

  1. Emery Madison says:

    All opportunities for adventurous citizens getting exercise and fresh air need to be maintained. Who has heard of Wilderness Watch, anyhow? Maybe Grand Cayon NP should destroy the canyon trails, and remove all the bridges over the Colorado River too… Put a cap on top of Old Faithful, and scrape away all the Presidents on Rushmore, so there would be no spectacles!

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      Good points.The problem is the designation “wilderness.” Why in the world was half dome ever considered in the wilderness? 60,000 people a year reaching their life goal and it risks going into the “good old days” file.

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