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Half Dome TShirts Go On Sale Until End of Season

My design of “I made it to the top: Half Dome,” TShirts are now on sale. It will end the day the cables come down. This year, it’s October 12.

I’ll pay the shipping and sales tax – a decent savings.

If you’ve done the hike this summer and saw the limp TShirts the park sells, you’ll really like these. It’s the only shirt with the view of the cables. Only one! That’s what we  hike – NOT the face.

You’ll love the skeleton hiker – grinning with sweat running off him – just like we feel after 7-miles and a mile vertical! 

If you’re only doing the hike once, it’s a great souvenir. What a neat Christmas idea for your buddies.  Many have bought one, rolled it up and put it on when the got to the top.

If you are hoping to get a permit for 2019, the Shirts are a super motivator. Tack it to your wall and look at it before you do your training hikes.

These are not flea market quality. They are 4-color, 4.5-ounce, 100% ring spun soft combed tubular cotton, with shoulder-to-shoulder tape. Double-needle stitching on the sleeve and bottom hem. They are …

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Meet Richard Sogg – Half Dome lover at 83.

Do you think that since you are turning 40, 50, or 60 that surely this is your last chance to hike Half Dome? Unless you have given up and spend your free time picking out caskets, buckle up and get training for Half Dome.

I’d like you to meet Dick Sogg. He’s only 83. Really. Broken arm or not, he’s a goer.

Dr Dick Sogg, Yosemite Grand Master

Dr Dick Sogg, Yosemite Grand Master

I met him at the Mountain Room at Yosemite a couple years back and we finally linked up for lunch. We live 4 miles apart. He told me some great stories about his days at Yosemite and the three times he hiked Half Dome. He has attended my webinars and tells me that Half Dome was one of the hardest hikes he has done. He’s sidelined with a broken left arm (from a January adventure) , but wants to do the North Dome hike this summer. Go, Dick, go!

During our Togo’s sub sandwich lunch, I filmed him for a short interview. When I get some time I will edit and post it. I love motivational people.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Age is but a number.” – A wise old man.


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Half Dome permits a week away | John Muir Event plans

March 1, 2014 is open hunting season for Half Dome permits. There is no rush to get your lottery application in. As long as you don’t wait until the 31st. Spend this time to poll your troops to decide on a date. Get your accommodations NOW – it may even be too late for choice valley lodging. If you want tips on the whole permit thing, view the webinar I did on it. Go back on this blog to find it.  I’ll have more info as we get closer to the magic date. Even though the trail is clear, the cable system will not be assembled until the May 24 target.

John Muir fixing a hole at Yosemite

John Muir fixing a hole at Yosemite

The John  Muir Legacy, 1914-2014 event at UoP (University of the Pacific, Stockton) will be held March 21-22. I can’t go. Comment below if you want  more info. A funny thing on the registration form: for lunch you get your choice – NOT of chicken, steak or vegetarian….but Vegan, Carnivore or Vegetarian.   Carnivore?    Gee, I’m an omnivore – should I get a little of each??

Read more =>  Muir Event

Unrelated thought worth quoting:One thing I can

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