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Pizza Alternative to Yosemite’s Food Offerings


DNC has raised the prices at many of the restaurants they operate at Yosemite National Park. The Curry Buffet is no longer a buffet. It is a sit down restaurant but you still have to get your food cafeteria style. As in pre-cooked pans of grub.

Many never liked the food, but it was great for me  – all you can eat for about $13.00.  So my eyes now shift to the Pizza Place there. For about the same price as a Curry dinner, you can get a decent size pizza that will serve 2. Post-hike it is “the place” to be seen. Count on a 15-minute line just to order and another 20 for it to cook. Pay for a soft drink and you can get free refills inside by the ice-cream shop.

Some of my hike mates even wrap pieces in foil and take it on their Half Dome hike. Pizza is full of carbohydrates and you need that shot of energy on the hike. I still like my trail mix, beef jerky and Power Bars, but admit to begging for a piece from a buddy on my last hike. Ah, some flavor, rather than prison food.


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