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Yosemite SEARCH & RESCUE (YOSAR) used to have a good summary of any rescues they made due to falls, deaths, and accidents that occurred.  It was the place to go to find out what really happened when somebody donked. It was maintained by the Friends of YOSAR – a support group.

Yosemite YOSAR to the  rescue (

Yosemite YOSAR to the rescue (

That is a non-profit that accepts donations. They make it clear in BOLD type that: No donation is used to directly support rescue operations – the costs associated with missions are covered through Federal Accounts appropriated to the National Park Service.

As you can see, the website was robust until 2013 when it slowed down with reduced manpower. The last entry was in September of last year.  These reports are useful to citizens to know what happened and learn how to prevent future incidents. The media also uses them to get the story right.

Over the years with these staffing cuts, the Preventive Search and Rescue group contributed this kind of information via its Search and Rescue: Lessons from the Field website/blog. They reported on the Hiker who fell into the Middle Cascades of Yosemite Falls back on May 28.

You may want to bookmark these sites. Be aware that these reports lag in time from when they occurred. Often the Public Information office may issue Press Releases. 


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “And if it’s bad don’t let it get you down, you can take it. And if it hurts don’t let them see you cry, you can make it. Hold your head up high.” – Argent

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