Rosie the Riveter site Richmond, CA

Lovers of the National Parks Service, I found a pretty neat place you might think about going if you are in the greater, San Fran Bay area. Just east of Oakland, it is the newly opened Rosie the Riveter National Historic facility.

Richmond was the site of the Henry Kaiser Ship building facility. Before the US entered World War 2, they got a contract from England to build 32 troop transports.

Soon after Pearl Harbor and the Nazi push, Liberty Ships were built there. Liberty ships carried US troops over to Europe. Over 400 were constructed. In a publicity move, they built one in 2 ½ days!

The site recalls the woman who supported the war. Not only doing welding and men’s traditional labor, the contributions of the “home front” in the war. Most men were in trenches fighting, so women took up the slack making the weapons. There was a song written back then that dubbed them collectively as “Rosie the Riverters.”

The Richmond location was chosen over others in the country because it still has many artifact structures. There is a nice visitor center with the stories and photos of the era. The city of Richmond exploded from 22,000 people to over 90,000 in a few years.

Next to the Visitor Center is the original NorCal Ford Assembly plant. Model A’s were built there. When the war began, it was converted to build tanks and tracked vehicles.  In the 1950’s, operations were moved to Milpitas, A sSn Jose suburb, where Mustangs were built.

To alert you, Richmond is a low income city with a high crime rate. Rosie is several miles from the bad part of town and is perfectly safe. Still, I would not go sightseeing. Arrive from San Francisco or Oakland via I-80 to 580.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The stars at night, are big and bright – deep in the heart of Texas.”

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One Response to Rosie the Riveter site Richmond, CA

  1. Maureen L says:

    the cluster of historic stuff under the NPS aegis here isn’t really kew, though the billboard on 80/580 sponsored by Chevron is. (I’ll refrain from commenting on Chevron’s refinery in the heart of the community.)

    in the park service’s 3-letter park abbreviations, this one is rori.

    there’s a Liberty Ship to tour, too.

    go now for the ranger talks on Saturday by Betty Reid-Soskin. she lived the history she talks about; she’s over 90; that’s why “go now.”

    Ranger Reid-Soskin got a lot of publicity last fall with the government shut-down. sample of coverage here:

    there’s a short wikipedia page about her, too.

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