Rim fire heading towards Hetch Hetchy


The Rim fire is spreading out of control

The Rim fire is spreading out of control

This graphic shows the growth of the Rim fire west of Yosemite. It continues at 2% containment as it grows. It is just a few days from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir as it moves up the Tuolumne Canyon. Water for SF comes out of the bottom of the dam and travels in pipes all the way to Crystal Springs Reservoir, west of Hillsboro. Some water is siphoned off by other communities. The water is unfiltered. Soot and ash on the surface may lead to filtering as it settles to the bottom which is over 200 feet deep. The water is being tested to check.

The fire is moving east up the steep Tuolumne Canyon. Notice Camp Mather in direct line. 200 seniors and 35 staff staying at San Francisco’s Camp Mather were evacuated.

Webcam pix of the park show blue skies.

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Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Come on baby, light my fire.” – The Doors 

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  1. Maksim says:

    Great photographs, really. But I have to make several corrections here. First, the Hetch Hetchy system provides all of San Francisco’s drinking water, every last drop. Of the nine reservoirs related to that system, only six are for drinking water. Of the six, Hetch Hetchy is by far the largest, and provides the City with nearly 80% of its water supplies. As for the seismic retrofit, voters approved that $4.6 billion investment in 2002. The project is nearly complete, though payments on the bonds will extend for some years ahead. To tear down the dam would put San Franciscans in the odd position of simultaneously paying to tear-down and up-keep their water infrastructure. Have you been to Hetch Hetchy? It’s one of my favorite places in Yosemite. Very peaceful and serene, with many hiking trails and few people. I agree we wouldn’t build it today, but it’s there, and it is quite gorgeous. Thank you for the post.

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