Rangers Monitor Half Dome Hikers

PSAR Sign on Mist Trail

The PSAR group – full name Preventative Search and Rescue – monitors the Half Dome Trail to seek ways to make it safer for us all. Data Collection is a big part of that. Knowing how long it takes visitors to proceed along the trails is important to gauge the loading on the trails plus the impact on the cables.  This sign greets you as you ascent the Lower Mist Trail.  If you click to enlarge it, you can read that it asks you to write down your time. Then higher up you will deposit your time into a box. Neat idea. But there is no paper or pen at the first unit to do any recording. Hmmm, I guess they expect us to have writing material with us. John Muir carried his journal.  Good idea but me thinks it wasn’t tested.

PSAR Sign in Forest Switchbacks

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3 Responses to Rangers Monitor Half Dome Hikers

  1. Kelley Wright says:

    Hi Rick,

    We came down from Little Yosemite on Sunday morning and they had actual monitors for those of us taking the John Muir trail back down. They provided pencils though and had a monitor for collecting at the Happy Isles trailhead. They marked the start time and wanted us to mark where we stopped (photo op at Nevada Falls and the geological point)and to mark any place we felt unsafe. We made it down in two hours even with stops. Yay!!

    • Kelley,

      I don’t think there is any place on the JMT that should make you feel unsafe . . . just bored. What would they do anyway?? 29 switchbacks and not a whole lot of excitement. It just keeps going and going and going and going.


      • Kelley Wright says:

        There is absolutely nothing on the JMT that would make you feel unsafe, it is just endless. Think that because you hear the river that you are almost there…think again! Still a great end to a wonderful weekend of hiking with friends and a feeling of accomplishment for hiking to Half Dome!

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