The price of visiting Yosemite is going up; Admission to rise 50%

It's going to cost more to earn your TShirt

It’s going to cost more to earn your TShirt

Yosemite National Park wants to raise the price of seeing the Valley and Big Trees. It’s proposed that admission become $30. It has been $20 per car. Prior to 1997, it was $5.00. The park took a lot of flack in 1997 and they may be in store for more.

An annual pass would increase from $40 to $60.  Individual admission will jump from $10 to $15 and motorcycles to $25. Tent camping will bump from from $6 per night to $24 per night for family sites and $48 per night for group sites.

 Every agency can use more money. Is this rise to fund the Merced River Plan? Yes, it costs more to run things. Welcome to America.

The counter argument is that the National Parks are for ALL citizens.  Not just the rich. The visit by Oprah Winfrey was hoped to get more minorities to the park. I haven’t seen many. Many just cannot afford to go.

Does this bother you???  A 30-day public comment period began on Monday, the 20th. You can send your 2 cents to: by Nov 20.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Are you a boy or are you a girl? With your long blonde hair, you look like a girl.  You may be a boy. You look like a girl” –  The Barbarians

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