Mission Peak – Great training hike for Half Dome, but it’s going to the dogs. Save the Date: Oct 12.

George Anderson ready to take the first 6 tourists up Half Dome in 1875

George Anderson ready to take the first 6 tourists up Half Dome in 1875

Scottish immigrant, George Anderson was the first person to make it to the top of Half Dome. Many other skilled climbers tried. James Hutchings, John Conrad and others just could not get up. They managed Sub Dome, but the “Rock of Ages” stayed in the clouds.

On an autumn Tuesday at 3 pm, George stood on top.  He later built the Happy Isles trail to the Merced at Vernal. He used some of his own money when the contract ran out. He died soon thereafter of pneumonia – penniless and unpaid by the state.

For his feats, today he gets little recognition. He’s buried under a non-descript rock in the Yosemite cemetery. Try to find him in the Visitor Center. Nada, nil mention, zip. Bad.

 In recognition of George Anderson Day – the day (Oct 12 in 1875) he summited, join me for a hike up Mission Peak in Fremont. Meet at the Ohlone Deli 9 am.

PM me for info if you want to go. We had a nice group in 2013. Mission Peak is a a 3-hr RT…about 2,000 vertical. After we eat at the Ohlone Deli.

Mission Peak is slowly becoming a dump. Watch this. We’ll bring bags to pick up the trash shown in this video.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: Well, all I want is to just be free, live my life the way I wanna be. All I want is to just have fun, live my life like it’s just begun, but you’re pushin’ too hard n me.” – The Seeds

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