Merced River Plan Webinar recap

Today I attended the 90 minute webinar for the Merced River Plan. We had  11 on line. Their 4 in-person sessions have yielded a total of about 150 participants.  Out of the 4 million that come to the park. So I have a new attitude. Selfish. I’m going to comment on things that I want done and not try to cover everyone else. The format was for a “facilitator” from the contractor, Grove Associates. She was very good. It mostly was her tossing out a topic…like “camping” and we entered text via chat with our thoughts.

The big topics from past workshops were” traffic, camping, floating, ecology and user capacity.” YNP was on the line to offer inputs.  They hope to have a document out in the spring with their “Preliminary DRAFT alternatives.” Gee that’s hedging.

Still no word on the Half Dome plan. When I know – you’ll know.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: A little Indian brave who before he was ten, played war games in the woods with his Indian friends. And he built up a dream that when he grew up he would be a fearless warrior Indian Chief. Many moons past and more the dream grew strong until tomorrow he would sing his first war song and fight his first battle. But something went wrong, surprise attack killed him in his sleep that night …. And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventually.” – Jimi Hendrix


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  1. Maureen L says:

    I sent my comments in by email.

    One of the things I said is that I think the camping discussion should be wider than the Valley. for example, are there places near Crane Flat, on the Glacier Point Road, or on the Wawona Road that might be more suitable for additional camp grounds?

    I also think there needs to be a comprehensive discussion of the High Sierra Camps, not just Merced Lake’s. It’s ironic that this camp has higher capacity than Vogelsang and Sunrise, which are natural stopping places on the way to Merced Lake. It’s a long hike from the Valley up to Merced Lake with the amount of stuff most High Sierra Camp visitors carry!

    I am in favor of concentrating backpackers near the High Sierra camps (and providing state of the art solar composting toilets) and at Little Yosemite Valley, rather than having dispersed camping. I think it minimizes habitat damage.

    Shuttles into the park from El Portal for day use is worth more exploration. There are a lot of issues, including entrance fees for people who come into the park that way.

    I find the public info people at Sequoia-King’s Canyon much more communicative and much easier to work with than the ones at Yosemite.

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