Merced River Plan update


The Merced River 3 miles above Nevada Fall.

    The Merced River Planning Team at the park is now asking for your input to the Merced River Plan. They have just issued an online Alternative Development Workbook. I compliment them on the excellent graphics in the workbook. The whole enchilada is laid out if you have time to read 32 pages and then put your thoughts down. They say that by participating, you will gain insight into considerations to balance: 1. ecological and natural resource values; 2. direct connection to the river values; 3. visitor use management; and 4. land use and associated developments. 

     35 key management considerations and potential options are presented. These management considerations were selected for discussion based on complexity and public interest.

      They ask that you fill in 2 pages to prepare for the public meetings. By the way, the one in San Fran is now at the San Francisco Film Centre located in the Presidio at 39 Mesa Street, Suite 107. Go to  the Palm Room. I’m going to try and make this one. The MRP could have impact on our access to Half Dome. 

     Here are the dates for the workshops: (They will also have a webinar version via WeBex.)

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Oct. 27, 5-8 pm – El Portal Community Center

Oct. 28, 1-5 pm – Wawona Community Center

Oct. 29, 10 am – 4 pm Garden Terrace, Yosemite Lodge

Nov. 7, 10 am – 4 pm Garden Terrace, Yosemite Lodge

Nov. 9, 5-8 pm – San Francisco Film Centre


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