Marines hike the Appalachian Trail for Good Cause

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 The Appalachian Trail is the “John Muir Trail” equivalent  hike in the eastern US. I’ve not done it, but have read about this “must do” trek in the humorous book “A Walk in the Woods.” Last Sunday, 13 former Marines  began a six month thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. It’s xxx miles long and runs from Georgia to Maine for 2,200 miles. It cantake 5-6 months.

The hikers chosen by the “Warrior Hike” organization get a financial “assistance grant” because they had been deployed to war zones and have been wounded. The grant helps with gear, food and other necessary items. The program is to help them transition back into society after their war experiences.

Along their hike and near towns, the Marines will raise funds for disabled veterans. The Warrior Hike’s mission is to “Walk Off The War.” In 2012, those hikers met with 35 individual contributors and veterans organizations. $50K was raised. The funds were used to buy specially outfitted vehicles for vets with major injuries the suffered in Afghanistan.

This program was started by two Marine Captains to help the Corps. There are no ex-Marines. Only Former Marines. My hats off to them; Marines are the first ones into action zones.  (I had a plush six year stint in the Air Force.)

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Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Semper Fi” – “Always Faithful” Marine Corps motto

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