Hwy 140 observations

As we cruised down Hwy 140 out of Mariposa to Yosemite, I noticed a few things of minor note. The big fire of last year is pretty well a memory with little to show for it. The trees on the eastern side are browned but not really a catastrophe. To refresh you, that fire was caused this summer when a motorhome exploded near the Cedar Lodge – down towards Savage’s Trading Post. I didn’t even see a large black burned asphalt area like I expected.

Next, the Merced is just a jumble of rocks all the way down to Briceburg. Just a tiny bit of water in it. A far cry from last spring when it was gushing. Well, the river is totally fed by snowmelt, so it’s to be expected. A good time to walk across the other side. I did it in August 2010 when I finally got to the top of the Incline. That was one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. I broke a hiking pole coming down.

Archive Photo of the Portland Cement "Incline" rail.


I learned that the Windows on the World Bookstore is moving into the upstairs of the Pony Expresso coffee shop on Lower 5th St in Mariposa. Gary’s had a rough go with the high rent on the main drag. He’s going to focus more on local authors. I did a book signing & presentation with him a couple years ago…will try to do another this year. Good folks.

And I noticed a couple of these big LED road signs being installed. I saw two between Mariposa and El Portal. I guess CALTrans will put up snow warning, fog alerts and BigFoot sightings.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Just about a year ago, I set out on the road. Seeking my fame and fortune,  looking for a pot of gold. Things got bad, and things got worse, I guess you know the tune. Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again.” – CCR

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