Hiking up Half Dome in winter is a bad idea – and illegal if access is closed.  


Hiking season on Yosemite’s Half Dome kicks back in late May.  The lottery for permits is in March. But some bozos just can’t wait.

Last week, a couple in their 30’s decided to take a trip to the top. They headed up the Mist trail. Very often rangers close the gate just yards up the lower Mist…at the intersection with the JMT, above the Vernal Fall footbridge. It gets ice with the fresh water rolling down the trail.  So they jump the gate and continue on.

READ ore about YOSAR

They got all the way to Sub Dome.  The woman stopped; but the macho man continued on up the cables.

The two-inch steel cables lie on the rock all year, but the 3’ pipes and 2×4 boards are removed in October. This brain surgeon got a ways up and began to slip. If the rock is wet .. it’s like motor oil.

9-1-1- call and a chopper summoned to bail them out. By 4:30 YOSAR arrived. Oh yeah, it gets dark about that time.  Rangers got them down to the valley at 10 pm.

READ ore about YOSAR

I pray that the park nails them. Besides their stupidity, they risked injury to the chopper crew and the search & rescue folks. Yes, it is a fine to disobey park signs. “Trail Closed.”

Please – nail them!  no hand slap.  How about

dark sky with moon

Moon rsiing over Half Dome seen from the top

a few slaps on their bum?

Carpe Diem!
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Help me Obewan – you’re my only hope.” – RIP Carrie Fisher.
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