High Sierra Camps Lottery applications open now

View on my 1990 High Sierra Trek

View on my 1990 High Sierra Trek

One of the best experiences for the “non-hard core” hiker is a week doing the Yosemite High Sierra Camps.  They are located a short day apart and the good part is that you get a tent cabin for four, breakfast and dinner and you can buy a box lunch. The camp are: Vogelsang, May lake, Merced lake, Glen Aulin and Sunrise.  many begin at Tuolumne and go clock- or counterclockwise.

You can do them in any order or any number. You can also take a /ranger guided trip or a pack-animal (how’s your pelvis after 2 hours on a mule? Ouch)

I’ve done it twice and although you’re not completely out in the primitive back country, you can still be very alone. You only need a light pack with the basics. No tent, no sleeping bag, no cooking gear. Sounds good to me! Pack minimalist.A friend’s bag weighed 41 pounds…but that included 3 books and a police flashlight!

The current cost is $161 per day for 3 of the sites, but Glen Aulin and Vogelsang are $155 for an adult and $98 for a child. Learn more.

Have you done it? Thinking a about it?


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It’s a beautiful mornin’, I think I’ll go outside a while. And jus’ smile –  Just take in some clean fresh air, boy.” – The Rascals 

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2 Responses to High Sierra Camps Lottery applications open now

  1. Maureen L says:

    I highly recommend the High Sierra Camps.

    They are small, and in big demand. If you have flexible dates, your chances will be better.

    I like doing a loop of the 3 camps south of Tioga Road, Vogelsang, Merced Lake, and Sunrise. Layover days can be fun; there are fun hikes up and down the Merced River from Merced Lake.

    I like to go up to Vogelsang from Tuolumne Meadows the long way, up the Lyle Fork to Ireland Creek. It’s over 12 miles, but solitary and a wide variety of beautiful territory.

    I like to use Sunrise as a base camp for Clouds Rest. It’s still 14 miles round trip, but less elevation gain than from Tenaya Lake and no really steep parts. For fun, I like to hike out from Sunrise via Cathedral Lakes.

    Glen Aulin is a great base for a full day along the series of Tuolumne River falls…it’s best for 2 nights right after the camp opens in late June.

    Even if you don’t get the lottery, you can often get 2 nights at one of the camps. Merced Lake is about 14 miles from Happy Isles, so it’s a long hike if you don’t come through either Vogelsang or Sunrise.

    Be prepared to share your tent with strangers. Some camps have 2 person tents; Sunrise also has a 6 person tent.

    You’ll need a sheet sack (silk is light and warm) and your own towels. Don’t count on showers except at Merced Lake, due to water supply issues.

    I always carry my own firestarters for the wood stoves in the tents. It’s cold at 10,000 feet even if the days are warm. Often, I encounter tentmates who insist on no fire, so be sure you have long underwear for sleeping.

    • Try to make the webinar on it…I’ll unmute you for your inputs. new info for today;s blog…

      I need to move my Hiking Clouds Rest webinar to the right one day. I was at the park this week and picked up a raft of information to share. It will take me a while to compile it all and I am awaiting a reply to a question. I’ll do this at the front end before dissecting the hike.

      So it will now be Sep 19 at 12:00 Pacific.

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