Half Dome EA – Not yet

November 6 and still no Half Dome cables alternatives released. This is really odd. I know god’s uncle Fester needs to review the plan, but they were supposed to have it all reviewed and signed off in November ready to implement as the policy. So now they still have to honor a 30 day citizen comment period, then incorporate any inputs (hmmm, makes one wonder if they will) and then get the NPS and DOI to sign off.
Plus we have the big holidays in the middle – Christmas and Festivus. All this  with us lowly serfs wondering about our park. Accommodations are becoming  riskly for the summer even this far out. I hope you  have already booked a few – then worry later about getting permits.

Our poor international visitors are really going to get shafted. Not only with rooms, but air fare. Many carriers give rates now that are way less than the spring.  And still we wait.

While watching the 49ers vs Redskins today, Chevy ran a series of 100 year commercials. One came up with a car in the foreground and Half Dome in the background. It must have been fake because the view showed the face of HD like you’d see from the valley, but at about 3,000 feet up. Maybe like from El Cap or so. It went from a modern car to an olde tyme Model A type. I can’t imagine where that could have actually been taken. There is no place I can think of where HD would be that big and show this image with the car in the foreground. Glacier Point would be obvious but cars can’t get out that far and the angle was way wrong and the image of HD was not that big. Tunnel View might be a guess, but all you could see was HD and no other terrain.  Half Dome would be way too small compared to the image in the commercial.

Anyone else see it? It only ran once and caught me by surprise so I couldn’t analyze better.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “We feared the enormity of the wall We dreaded having to reach so deeply within ourselves and maybe find ourselves lacking.” – Royal Robbins, 1957 re: Half

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4 Responses to Half Dome EA – Not yet

  1. John Lauer says:

    Anyone here read the new Steve Jobs biography? Did he ever do the Half Dome hike? He spent much time in Yosemite, even early this year Big picture of his wedding cake, A CAKE OF HALF DOME, and the surrounding mountainscape.

  2. John Lauer says:

    I was thinking it was Glacier Point back when the park had an “ANYTHING GOES” attitude. I surmise that thosr of you who say the angle of HD only fits the Washburn Point area are correct. It must be just off of the upper point of Glacier Point Road in ant case.

  3. Sönke says:

    About here (video taken July 2011):


  4. Sönke says:

    You can warch the video on Youtube:


    I’d say it’s the corner just before you get to Washburn Point when you return from Glacier Point.

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