Half Dome 2-day permit program working

Half Dome cables

All of the summer permits to hike Yosemite’s Half Dome were distributed following the March lottery. But you can still get to the top this year by entering the mini-lottery. But how are the odds? Honestly, pretty good. In the few days since the cables were put up on May 25, the NPS has been able to make many people happy by awarding permits. 50 permits are put up daily for access. Data is still too little to generalize, but so far an average of 85 permits have been on the block. This is the 50 base number and any cancellations. Weekdays are still the best bet. Considering all those who entered the lottery, about 25% were successful. So, give it a try. It’s worth it.

Other news:  Tuolumne Meadows Campground will open on June 8. It will be 100% first-come, first-serve basis through June 12. Then half will be reservable via recreation.gov.

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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6 Responses to Half Dome 2-day permit program working

  1. Andy says:

    Well…. Tried for Thursday. All three in our group denied. We are heading up anyway. We will hike up to the bottom of the sub dome where the government border patrol are stationed. If we can hook up on somebody’s unused permit we will.
    Maybe I’ll “safely” free climb from the other side where you don’t need a permit that protects us from ourselves.

  2. Andy says:

    Don’t hold your breath Denise. After applying for the permit for Wednesday the 12th in the big and daily lottery I am not in the “twenty-five percent”
    The two other people in my party were also big losers. The whole system is questionable, the booking from Recreation.gov is clunky. ( You have to enter your credit card info twice just so you can lose the lottery! )

    It sure would be nice to know how the “lottery” is conducted. I find it hard to believe it’s random.
    Any word on the guide services and their ability to get permits?

    • Guide Services have no fast lane. They have to apply as anyone else. They are more flexible as to what days they request. With Alternate names, the odds increase. They can also take up groups who have their own permits.

  3. Marvin says:

    Hi Rick,

    We did HD in 2010 using your book as a guide. We were thinking of doing it again this Fall, but are now trying to reconcile the new permit rules.

    Last fall you posted on tripadvisor:
    9. Re: Half Dome permit frustration— any thoughts?
    30 September 2011, 4:55
    50 permits are indeed put on recreation.gov at 7 am PDT each day for the following day. These are above and beyond the normal 300. These new permits can only be used by the person buying them with an ID at Sub Dome. They go fast… try hitting BUY at 6:59:59 to allow your electrons time to get to the site. Better … have 2 PC’s going.

    If you do not get one, do the hike anyway. Only about 240 are actually showing up. Many have permits to give. I have one extra for Oct 6. Lemme know.


    Mr Half Dome

    Would this advice be obsolete this year due to the new lottery and non-transferability policy? Because we were thinking of relying on the no-show factor and simply doing the hike.

    Your thoughts?

    • Because of scalping in 2011, the whole ball game changed. Go to my PERMITS buttton and you can catch up. Whoever buys the permits must be on the hike with an ID. Try the 2-day mini lottery. You cannot buy or sell them..but if you are on the trail and someone gives you one, you have to be with them when you meet the ranger at Sub Dome.

  4. Denise Connors says:

    Hopefully it will continue for our visit in August, I’m ready for this hike!!! 🙂

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