Google to map Hawaiian trails – Stay home and save the airfare!


On Kauai's hiking trail along the Na Pali coast.

On Kauai’s hiking trail along the Na Pali coast.

Back in Feb, we talked about Google recording 75 miles of trails at the Grand Canyon. In their quest to have our lives under their control, soon you can virtually hike Hawaii from the comfort of your recliner. Ah, Cheetos, brew and a cigar will be all that’s needed to “do” the hike. Why sweat and burn calories, when you can be gobbling them instead. The life of leisure. Yes, soon those volcanoes, rainforests and beaches will be brought to you via Google Street View.

They are lending their exotic 360-degree backpack cameras to locals to trek and film.  By September 2013, they hope to have droids walk and film over 20 trails. There are actually 15 cameras in the metal and glass globe and Google software will patch them together for the realistic views. The target is to have them ready to roll out by Q1 of 2014.

Get your SFP 30 out and lather up!!


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “That makes about as much sense as a submarine with screen doors.” – A wise old man 

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