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     We have one more month of Half Dome hiking until the cables come down. Oct 10 is the last and final day for ascents. The weather tends to be getting cold by then anyway. Actually, interest is waning as readership to this superb blog is decreasing with each day that the sun sets earlier. Sigh. I know there is a die-hard bunch of readers out there who share tales of good old Half Dome.  So I blog on. As I mentioned yesterday – Oct 12 is George Anderson Day. Why? Because he deserves it. I have gotten no response back from the powers that be at the park. How about at least a Press Release and maybe a sign? Come on – the FIRST human to the top of Half Dome on Oct 12, 1875 is a big deal. Neil Armstrong – first on the moon; Edmond Hillary – <probably> the first man on Everest. And good old George.  You really have to hunt to even find his tombstone in the Yosemite Cemetery. A small hunk of granite that you can barely read his name on. Pretty Poor. I guess it’s up to us to celebrate. 

     We’ve offered the FREE Half Dome app for over a month now and about 600 downloads later, I have not heard a peep pro-con about how it is used. If you have not yet tried it, Click on the image to the right. Yes, Android and iPhone … but it also runs on the iPad, iPOD Touch and even on your PC. So give it a gander. It’s hosted on – they are part of Trip Advisor.  Which is part of Expedia. They have created apps for about half of the California State parks – too bad many are closing next year.  The team is in Palo Alto and are recent Stanford Grads. Nice folks but busier than heck with Trip Advisor projects. The park will not promote the app in fear that they would show favoritism over other authors . Dang.  So no promos or brochures other than my funky PowerPoint ones I give out. Sigh again.

     Sunday I got an email from a Fresno TV station – a man with a scanner heard what sounded like a call for help on Half Dome. I’ve not read or heard anything else, so I hope everyone is OK. The weather this week sucks. Anyone been up the trail?

     A few words about the new website/blog.  Growing pains. My Marketing guy is using a fellow in Mexico for the coding. He’s really good, but not like being in the next room. Doing a good job explaining the nuances of the new WordPress technology (new to me). So we trundle on. Yall can join my Facebook FAN page at  My last REI talk of the year is at REI Brentwood – the Brentwood near Concord, not SoCal.  Due to traffic from San Jose-by-the-sea, I get up there real early. Holler if you want to meet for dinner about 5:00.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Most people who travel look only at what they are directed to look at. Great is the power of the guidebook maker, however ignorant.”  – John Muir 

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2 Responses to George Anderson Day – coming soon

  1. Maureen L says:

    would be great to have Anderson honored…150th anniversary is 14 years away!

    Edmund Hillary, late in life, gave full credit to his Nepalese Sherpa partner Tenzing Norgay. (I think I heard the 50th anniversary coverage on NPR.)

    thanks for getting the comments opened up!

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      I hedged a bit on Hillary…seems Mallory might have actually beat him decades earlier.

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