Gas Wars at Yosemite

I hope yall know that there is no gas in the Yosemite Valley. If you are coming via Hwy 120, you best get gas in Oakdale. Via Hwy 41 get gas in Oakhurst. Via Hwy 120 from the east – Lee Vining. And via Hwy 140, Mariposa.

When you exit on Hwy 120 east/west or 41 you can always scoot up to Crane Flat and fill. But if you exit via 140, you can get gas at the automated Shell station in El Portal, right? Well, not any more. When I was there in August, the station was closed. Last week it was STILL closed. Yellow tape around the pumps. Why?

Turns out there is an issue with the vendor who ran it. Lots of squabbling as to who will get the approval from the powers that be to run the place. And no end in sight. So gas up often.
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3 Responses to Gas Wars at Yosemite

  1. Maureen L says:

    on route 120 from the west, the Miner’s Mart in Big Oak Flat has much cheaper gas than anyplace in Groveland, as does the Claim Jumper, though higher than Miner’s Mart.) Big Oak Flat is right after you come up the fun 5 miles of twisty road.

    Oakdale gas is really a good deal, often 20 cents a gallon less than the best deal in the Bay Area, but then, I have a Honda Civic (38 mpg on Yosemite trips), and if I start with a full tank from home so I can figure out gas costs for trip, I don’t need any gas in Oakdale, just a bathroom break at a fast food place.

    I like the Michoacan place in Groveland for food. I always take half the meal to go!

    coming in on 140, I get gas in Merced; much cheaper than Mariposa.

    yes, Oakhurst coming up on 41 is the best bet.

    one of the public comment (I think the Tuolumne Meadows plan) was soliciting comments on closing the Tuolumne Meadows gas station. I’m guessing, but I think it’s to save getting tanker trucks up there. that would leave Crane Flat on the west and Lee Vining on the east.

  2. Kasey Knowles says:

    Groveland has cheap gas, and an excellent Mexican restaurant.

    • Mr Half Dome - Rick Deutsch says:

      I guess “cheap” is relative. The pump in Groveland is less than at Crane Flat and further up the road…but I like to gas up in Oakdale when on 120. The station at 120 and 6th street is consistently low and across the street at the 7-11 is good.

      Yes, on the food at Groveland. I like the funky Iron Door Saloon and the Hotel Charlotte has great chow. But the community needs to solve the cell coverage gap there.

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