What do you eat on your Half Dome hike? | Here’s some suggestions.

My food on the Half Dome hike is comprised of 7 PowerBars, a zip-lock bag of trail mix and one of beef jerky. I usually come back with food. This is good just in case I need to stay out longer than planned or if I find someone who is famished and on the verge of hunger.

PowerBars were the first ones on the market. Their original Malt Flavor is engrained in my taste receptor memory and that’s what I still try to get.

Costco used to sell them for the cheapest price around. They came in a 21 unit box of 3 flavors: Chocolate, Malt and Peanut Butter. I cannot stand the chocolate, so I sold them to my sister. However, lately Costco dropped Power Bars and you’ll only find Clif Bars.

WalMart sells their PowerBars for $.95 each. Most outfitters and grocery stores are tagging them at $1.50 each!

I see many carrying cold pizza slices. Not bad – plenty of carbs and great taste. The wife of one of my hiking partners makes him sandwiches and puts them in Tupperware. Gee, that’s roughing it. He even carries napkins!!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “There’s a food goin’ around that’s a sticky, sticky, goo. Well, it tastes real good but it’s so hard to chew. I like peanut butter. Creamy peanut butter. Chunky peanut butter, too.” – The Olympics

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One Response to What do you eat on your Half Dome hike? | Here’s some suggestions.

  1. Maureen L says:

    The most important thing I can say about what to take for Half Dome hike food is: figure out what you like to eat on the trail before you do this hike.

    You’ll need food that can get your muscles fuel fast, and foods to replace electrolytes, even if you’re putting electrolyte stuff in your water.

    Like Rick, I like to snack as I go rather than eating big meals.

    I find most bars too concentrated/dense to my liking. I do take Clif Luna bars, because they have energy stuff but also a relatively low glycemic index. I take nuts, dried peaches and apples and apricots, and peeled oranges ready to eat.

    Take stuff that can survive squishing/heat — chocolate-coated energy bars may turn into gooey messes before you can eat them.

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