Changes coming to Yosemite; how does a Starbucks hit you?

Yes, I said Starbucks.  As in the international coffee vendor.   I don’t drink the stuff so I really don’t care. But many do. They love the idea. A $$ cup of Java for breakfast. Real nutrition there.  A hit of caffeine before your hike up the Four-mile trail. Folks will love it.   But I don’t get it.

On the other hand, many see corporate America creeping into the National Park system. Aramark is the new concessionaire – now entering their second year managing the park.

Money talks – nobody walks.

Pizza Alternative to Yosemite’s Food Offerings

Park management has to approve moves like this. Why not? They get a cut of revenue.   Aramark has a renovation going on at the Main Village food court.  OK, I don’t think it needed it.  I like going there after a hike. Decent food at pretty good prices.

The issue is: will giant companies now be allowed to penetrate the sacred ground of our parks? Maybe to make things convenient for hikers, they should bring in REI. Or maybe people can get last minute goodies at a new Safeway in Curry Village. Or maybe Hilton can hang their logo on the Ahwahnee … er… the Majestic (I cringe saying that).

Yosemite sign

Starbucks today – Walmart tomorrow?

This year the NBA has approved the players wearing small “advertising” logos on their jerseys.  Nike started it with their logo on shirts. They pony up the money for those jerseys. Things creep…slippery slope and all that.

There is a group protesting the Starbucks idea.  A petition has be created.  If you agree with them, go to the site and sign it. 8,000 so far have. They are asking for public transparency on this.  Click here to sign the petition.

If not, enjoy your $40 latte mocha grande with a double double tootie fruity.

Carpe Diem!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie. Money, so they say….Is the root of all evil today.” – Pink Floyd
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