Camping allowed on the Sub Dome Flats?

Camping in the shadow of Half Dome

This was one unusual sight last Saturday. A tent set up on the flat area just before the Ranger checkpoint at Sub Dome. I have never seen a tent in that area. I thought it was in an area closed to camping. Of course you can’t camp on top of Half Dome since 1992 due to “human impact” (no toilets) and it’s the habitat of the endangered Mt. Lyell Salamander.

The Ranger on duty said that the tent was now legal due to a change in the Superintendent’s Compendium. Hmmm, if so I’d expect a whole gaggle of tents there soon. I will be there. I haven’t checked this out with the Wilderness Division, but will. By the way, each NPS unit has a Compendium with rules unique to that park. I’ll send you to the website that holds the 2011 signed off version PDF to see the Yosemite one.  See page 58 and you decide if this area is OK. I am at REI Berkeley tonight and don’t have time to read further. Show goes on in 30-mins (at my McDonlad’s remote office now.)


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2 Responses to Camping allowed on the Sub Dome Flats?

  1. Sönke says:

    Very stupid idea to allow camping in that area. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    I bet it will be like a zoo and full of trash in no time. What were “they” thinking???!

    If you really have to camp near HD there have been alternatives for a long time but I guess that extra half mile or mile would be just too inconvenient.

  2. Linda Blough says:

    Pages 20 to 22 allows camping to holders of a wilderness permit in any non prohibited area. The Sub Dome flats do not appear to be prohibited. The whole gaggle of tents would be limited by trailhead wilderness permit quotas. I’m sure if it becomes over reaching it will be cut back. A few tents is still a huge improvement over having overcrowded hiking conditions as in years past. Besides if they are hikers going to the top of Half Dome odds are they will be there for the night for either a sunrise or sunset view from the top.

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