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Fresh from the park:

Snow melt over the past week has been significant, however hazards still exist along the upper sections of the trail. The Half Dome Cables are not expected to be in place before June 22. Installation of the Half Dome cables is scheduled to begin Wednesday, June 22 and we anticipate the cables will be in place and ready for access to permit holders by late afternoon, conditions permitting. The cable route will be closed early on the morning of June 22 in order to allow trail crews to work unimpeded during the work day. Once the cables are in place and the trail crews have completed their work, the cables will be open for the public holding valid permits for that day.

    In other BIG news, Tioga Road will open through the park at 8 am on June 18. Now don’t get too excited; Tuolumne is still covered in snow and no hiking trails are open. Nothing is open along the road, just the pavement. Nothingto buy. But you can get across Hwy 120 to the eastern burg of Lee Vining. Likewise, those folks can now get to the valley. Progress. 


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0 Responses to Cables UP Jun 22 afternoon

  1. has to climb what is basically a vertical staircase and then one is.confronted with the cables a vertical ascent of 274 meters to the very top of the.granite dome that requires arms as much as legs. …Roughly from the trailhead you walk 15 to the first bridge .30 to the top of the Vernal Falls .another 45 to Nevada Falls a total of 7 kms for the Mist Trail .then 45 about 4 kms to a fork where you take the left branch and walk.45 to the steps then 30 on the steps then 15 on the cables for a the top of about 4 hours 12-13 kms .

  2. Sönke says:

    Swinging Bridge is closed. Lots of water in the valley.

  3. Roberto Hernandez says:

    So, the cables can be put up in just part of a day, not two days?

  4. ScottS says:

    Glad I have permits for the 21st 🙁

    Maybe we’ll go up there and watch!!

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