Ansel Adams Belated Birthday

A tip of the cap to Blog Reader, Alan. H. He reminded me that yesterday was Ansel Adams birthday. Ansel was unable to attend. Adams was born in San Francisco on Feb. 20, 1902. He made his first trip to Yosemite in 1916. He was a major photographer of the mid 20th Century who focused a lot on Yosemite. Adams died in Carmel on April 22, 1984. 110 years old – well, if he was alive.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “You say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too—yeah. They say it’s your birthday, We’re gonna have a good time I’m glad it’s your birthday, Happy birthday to you.” – the Beatles. 

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  1. Sönke says:

    Very nice reminder. I admire Ansel Adams big time. Especially after seeing how he hauled a.. up to the Diving Board. 😉

    Here’s a decent (imho) short article for those who are interesting in landscape photography (no, your pics won’t look like Ansel’s after reading the article):


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