Should the name “Ahwahnee Hotel” be allowed to be trademarked by DNC?

DNC plans to own Yosemtie names

Can DNC trademark public names?

Delaware North Company (DNC) is the current concessionaire of Yosemite. They also do this function at a few other US National Parks. They are NOT in Delaware – the name comes from an earlier incantation of the company that was located at the intersection of Delaware and North Streets in Buffalo, NY.

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Their contract is now being recompeted with a winner to be named in March 2016.

Now news comes that they say they “own” the names of key places at the park. The Awhanee and Wawona Hotels among them. Last July, DNC informed the park that they owned the tradename and servicemark registrations for all of the names of businesses, restaurants and lodges it operates within Yosemite National Park. Turns out that a person can trademark names just by putting a ™ when using it. You can file it with the Feds. It only costs $300. For better legal protection you can get it “registered” and use a ®. (My moniker “Mr Half Dome” ™ is just that. I’ve been using it a very long time.)

To pour salt on the wound, DNC plans to charge the park $51M to use the names. Read that again. 

Learn more… Lisa Fernandez story on NBC news.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Awahneebo Bawahnee, Bonana fanna fo Bawahnee. Fee fy mo Mawahnee, Ahwahnee!” – Apologies the Shirley Ellis – The Name Game

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One Response to Should the name “Ahwahnee Hotel” be allowed to be trademarked by DNC?

  1. Kato says:

    I hope the NPS takes Delaware North to court. The law should be that all there is free use of all names of anything to do with Federal property. Hopefully Delaware North loses their contract. I am always glad that the hotels up on Glacier Point burned down. This deprives DN of having any property rights up there!

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