2014 was a very good year for Half Dome

It was a safe 2014 on the Half Dome cables.

It was a safe 2014 on the Half Dome cables.

The signature landmark of Yosemite National park is the iconic Half Dome. First summited in 1875 by George Anderson and first climbed by Royal Robbins in 1957, Half Dome has become a rite of passage for many climbers and hikers. While the climbing routes are self-regulating, the hiking trail got overcrowded to the point that the NPS instituted a permit system in 2010. In its fourth year, the refined process allowed only 225 daily hikers via a lottery in March; 50 more per day via a 2-day mini-lottery; and 75 for those with Wilderness permits on trails near Half Dome. Cancellations were added to the mini-lottery.

The intent was to reduce the crowding on the cables to allow hikers time to get down during emergencies and fast moving weather systems. Peak loads of nearly 1,000 people per day in the pre-permit days made the hike very unpleasant. Lines of 45-minutes just to touch the 600 ft long cables were common.

A Protection Division Ranger was stationed at the base of Sub-Dome to check for permits. A key was that prior year scalping was eliminated by requiring that the buyer of the permits (or one alternate) be on the hike. Fatalities off of the cables of Half Dome are very rare and the 2014 season closed without a single one.

The cables are targeted to be up again in late May, weather permitting. Lottery applications are accepted any day during March, with awards in April. Consult the Yosemite website for updated information.

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One Response to 2014 was a very good year for Half Dome

  1. Dean says:

    I really enjoyed my hike this year, my third time to the summit, and first time under the permit system.

    The weather was a bit unusual, lot of moisture in the air, it was a bit like hiking here in Scotland worrying if it would rain!

    Permit system seems to work well, I got mine while in San Francisco via the 2day lottery.

    Half Dome hike days are the benchmark for every other day!

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