Winter is here! Yosemite’s Tioga Road is closed. Try Yellowstone.

The annual closing of Hwy 120 through the park is now happening. The snow plows won’t appear until way late spring. Some years into June.

You can still get up to Tuolumne Meadows, only now you’ll have walk…or snowshoe…or ski…..or ________. You’ll need a permit to camp. Yes, rangers do roam around, so don’t push it. How about  little snow camping?

In the valley, they close most of the trails. They don’t want to do rescues all winter.  Four Mile trail shuts down, the Mist trail to Vernal gets closed at the Register Rock/JMT junction. But you can still take the “winter” route and get up pretty high.

The ice cut is closed. You get the idea. So what’s an adventurer to do?   Well, read a John Muir book. Or hit the gym. Me?  I’m going to Yellowstone to ride snowmobiles.  Cool. You have to go on a a guided trip and keep the Skidoo’s mellow.  You can rent extra days and zoom on the trails.

I heard about this for years. For a long time, independents could come in, but a few years ago the park decided to get organized. Too many yahoos were buzzing the animals. Now you have to be on a permitted guide service. Only 4-stroke machines are allowed. 2-strokes just blow too much smoke.

snow plows

Tioga snow plows in May

Know what “snow plants” are?

The Old Faithful Lodge is closed but there is a “Snow Hut” with eats and heat! A bonus–> the geysers are left running during the winter :>)

Hang in there – the Half Dome cables will be back up in May.

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Read “One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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Half Dome TShirts available in all styles – men and women sizes



2XL and 3XL available

Send me a COMMENT to see the products. Prices and ordering info. Men’s & Women’s sizes and LONG SLEEVE, TOO.

Order now…and I can guarantee Christmas arrival….today they are going out with an ETA of Dec 7. Hoodies are now off the list…manf could not embroider the detail in a 4×4 patch.

I can get long sleeve – Men’s or Woman’s  in White, Grey or Black

Send me a comment and I’ll reply with prices and ordering process.

You made it to the top!!!  Wear it with pride!

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New Half Dome TShirts now available – How to order

Friends of Half Dome:

I’ve gotten a lot of interest for a Half Dome TShirt. The ones at the park …well, er, er, suck. 5 years ago I made 150 of my design and sold out.  I am now announcing that these shirts are back.  They are 4-color on premium white cotton. Men’s & woman’s sizes. You can even get a hoodie.

Send me a comment with your interest.  I can get your email address off of it (others can’t see it) and I will send you the pricing and info.


The ONLY shirt that shows the cables!


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Read “One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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