20. December 2014


Yosemite Valley in 8K resolution on new LG 98″ TV

Just when we were getting used to our HD sets running at a max of 2,000 dots per inch – the industry came out with 4K. This is double the resolution. Very impressive. How about double that – to 8K!!

In this video review, you will see brief segments of the 8K demo showing Yosemite Valley!  Yeah!  First, Apple calling their new OS: “Yosemite” and now this accolade.

Yosemite featured in 8k TV demo

Yosemite Valley

But wait, there’ no real reason to buy one since there is almost nil content out. Other than the demo DVDs the manufactures make (rivers, flowers and fields of grass), there isn’t much else to watch in 4K, let alone 8K. Yes, sets can up-convert Blue Ray to 4K and that looks very good, but don’t count on getting Animal House in 4K anytime soon.  Streaming is a bugger also. Bandwidth is just too great to fling it on the cable.

Now today. LG is showing an 8K TV set that measures 98 inches inches diagonally. Folks, that’s 8 feet. What wall would you put it on? They claim that you cannot see the dots even from 6 inches away. Oh, that is not the recommended viewing distance!

If …

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19. December 2014


Famous, but little known Half Dome ascent in 1915

Black & White photo of top of Half Dome

AC Pillsbury photo on the top of Half Dome

Alexander (A.C.) Pillsbury was a Stanford trained genious. In his career, he invented key photographic tools: the Circuit Panorama, the Time-Lapse, the Microscopic Motion Picture, the X-Ray Motion Picture and the Underwater Motion Picture cameras. He even had a photographic studio in the park….The Three Arrows.

In 1915, he led a group of 17 Stanford students (including 6 women) up the backside of Half Dome using the rope remnants from previous explorers, their own rope and a few of the George Anderson spikes that were still present from his first ascent in 1875.

AC snapped photos and motion pictures on top. He took several reels of film depicting the clouds and moonlight effects, as well as the vistas observed from the Visor. He reportedly was suspended by rope to take some of the photos.  The movies were shown but have disappeared in the dust of time.

To learn  more about this amazing man, visit the website of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Long as I remember rain’s been comin’ down. Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground. Good men through the ages tryin’ to find the

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18. December 2014


Yosemite job opening | NPS looking for a Deputy Chief Ranger

Hey – You love Yosemite – why not work there? The Visitor and Resource Protection Division is actively seeking a Deputy Chief Ranger.

OK, you need to have qualifications out the kazoo, but you can make up to $107K a year. GS 12/13. Plus you get to live in the best park in the world.

Ranger needed to be hired

YOU can be a Ranger at Yosemite

So what’s the job entail? It’s not an easy job. You’d be the head honcho for management and supervision of the majority of Ranger activities. As in law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency medical services, resources protection and prosecution of crimes.

Your boss will be Kevin Killian, the Chief Ranger. You’ll have to get deeply involved in the 6,000 annual law enforcement scofflaws, as well as the over 200 YOSAR responses.

It’s listed as an “office” job, but you need to be in tip-top shape. You need to convince them that you can lift stuff of up to 50 pounds and hike uphill with a heavy backpack, and survive for lng times in hot, cold or inclement weather. Hmmm, it reminds me of some Half Dome hikes!

Oh, you have to be US Govt law enforcement qualified – …

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