Yosemite Fire takes a slightly favorable turn

The Rim fire is now the biggest in California…#16 on the all-time largest fire in the state. It is now is blowing east. Pine Mountain Lake and Buck Meadows are now open to residents. Groveland business is really hurting. Cancellations are soaring. You cannot get into the park via the Big Oak flat Road.

Winds are at 15 from the southwest…blowing the flames towards Hetch Hetchy. Humidity is getting better…18%. Damper air.  Now 7% contained, but it’s now at 120,000 acres black.  Still very bad. 4 miles from Hetch Hetchy.  It’s named that after a grassy flora that the Indians used.

The water from the dam that eventually goes to the SF Bay area is all underground in pipes. You can see them on Rt 120 at Mocassin. A fun stop with a fish hatchery nearby. The pipes go over the ridge there. Water officials are watching the ash content. Its still well below danger levels. If it does cause a problem they will take from other reservoirs. Hey, we gotta wash our cars!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Burn Baby Burn; Disco Inferno” – The Trammps 

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  1. Maureen L says:

    I recommend Tom Stienstra’s discussion of how this could have been prevented for thoughtful reading:


    • Yes, but prescribed burns on the 45 degree inclines of the Tuolumne Canyon? Remember the prescribed burn of 2009 that got out of control in 10 minutes? How do you trim 8 ft up over 200 sq miles? Are we to do the entire Yosemite park? 1200 sq mi?

      This sucks big time, but it’s freak – like the ’97 “100 year flood. I hope it was not man-caused. There was a LOT of lightning a week ago.

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