Yosemite’s waterfall BIG and numerous

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Here are all the waterfalls at Yosemite that are over 100 feet.

Bridalveil Fall 620 feet (190 m)

Chilnualna Falls 690 feet (210 m)

Horsetail Fall 2,100 feet (640 m)

Illilouette Fall 370 feet (110 m)

Lehamite Falls 1,180 feet (360 m)

Nevada Fall 594 feet (181 m)

Pywiack Cascade 600 feet (180 m)

Ribbon Fall 1,612 feet (491 m)

Royal Arch Cascade 1,250 feet (380 m)

Sentinel Fall 1,920 feet (590 m)

Silver Strand Falls 574 feet (175 m)

Snow Creek Falls 2,140 feet (650 m)

Staircase Falls 1,020 feet (310 m)

Tueeulala Falls 840 feet (260 m)

Vernal Fall 317 feet (97 m)

Wapama Falls 1,700 feet (520 m)

Waterwheel Falls 300 feet (91 m)

Wildcat Falls 630 feet (190 m)

Yosemite Falls 2,425 feet (739 m)

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all, my worries seem so very small with my waterfall.” – Jimi Hendrix

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