Yosemite’s El Cap climb now getting a worldwide following

Photogrpaher Tom Evans and Rick Deutsch

Tom Evans and Mr Half Dome in the El Cap Meadow.

The Caldwell – Jorgenson climbing team continue their inch by inch climb up 3,000 ft El Capitan via the Dawn Wall route. The New York Times was one of the first media outlets to tell what was going on. These two climbers planned for 6 years on the way to do something few would not even think about.

Climbers on the Dawn Wall

On the El Cap wall

The Dawn Wall is to the east of the famous “nose” route. It is paper smooth with very few places to plant sticky shoes and even fewer granite cracks to grip with fingertips.

The pair has been at it 15 days so far and still have a long way to go. They are roped but do not use the ropes to climb. They “free” climb up and only use the ropes in case they fall between “pitches.”  To attain this “record” they have to do each pitch without falling. If they slip – they have to re-do the pitch over and over until they do it without falling…then they can proceed to the next pitch.

A line showing the route that the free climbers are using

The Dawn Wall route on El Capitan

The event has gone mainstream. It’s been profiled on ABC, CBS news, etc. This is good for climbing – to get it more recgonition. Read the El Cap report to follow thedaily posts by photogrpaher Tom Evans.

I was at the park this week and you can easiliy see the men on the wall…about halfway to the top on Thursday. The weather is holding good for the next few days, but they need to press on. Jorgenson’s fingertips are raw and his progress is being impacted.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” – Jimi Hendrix Experience

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