Yosemite’s Curry Village Signature Tent Cabins Coming Down

Last summer, 3 people died from the hantavirus while at Yosemite.  A commonality point were the Signature Tent Cabins in Curry. These are the ones with insulated walls, an in-room heater and electrical outlet. Top notch for a few dollars more than the soft sided canvas units across a service road.  Infected deer mice were nesting in the space between the inner and outer walls, in the insulation barrier. Apparently, people injested the aerosol droppings, urine or saliva of the mice and soon developed flu-like symptoms. Of the nine total that were infected, 8 were in those signature tent cabins. (One was in the “high country.”)

The NPS has decided to tear down those fateful units and bulldozing began earlier this month. They plan to replace them with the traditional canvas tent cabin units. It’s completion date might allow summer occupancy. I’d like to refer you to a great summary article that appeared in Outside Magazine by Bruce Barcott. It’s called “Death at Yosemite: The Story Behind Last Summer’s Hantavirus Outbreak.”

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Climbing is the only cure for gravity.” – Royal Robbins

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One Response to Yosemite’s Curry Village Signature Tent Cabins Coming Down

  1. Maureen L says:

    Anyone considering an economy-priced stay in Yosemite Valley on winter weekends or weekdays from late March on might want to know that some of the regular canvas tent cabins in Curry Village do have heaters (but not electrical outlets for charging up your devices).

    They’re usually available until just before Memorial Day.

    Also at CV, and less expensive than the Lodge, are rooms in Stoneman House, the building that is shuttle stop 13B, close to the Curry Village Front desk and pavilion complex.

    So, you can still stay in CV this winter on weekends and in early spring with heat (though April and May are currently looking booked up!)

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