Yosemite’s Curry Village Rockfall Hazard Zone Structures Project

You may recall that in October of 2008, 2 days of rockfalls caused the closing of about  200 Curry Village wooden and canvas tent cabins. No one was injured but the area lay behind yellow ribbons and a fence since. A very nice shower complex was closed. I have stayed in a sweet rigid cabin up against the Glacier Point wall earlier that summer. Whew.

The park has just completed the official “Finding of No Significant Impact” and settled on Alternative #1 from the plan. Therefore, the NPS will commence clearing the  remants of the mess.  All the debris will be piled up and sent to the depths of hell itself. Work will take all summer with a fall target for completion. The area will remain off limits as more chunks could fly down. I don’t know if there will be a physical barrier, like fences to keep folks away or just what it will all look like. Kinda scary.

Protection Division Ranger Jack Hoeflich was the ranger who gave the great YOSAR presentation at the Yosemite Conservancy Spring Forum on Saturday. Word is out that he will now be assume the duties of Valley District Ranger. 

Anyone got their permit lottery award yet? I assume a complicated algorithm will decide on who gets what dates. Maybe a MegaFlop Super Computer will be used to sort each application. Or an abacus and a dart board.


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