Yosemite’s Crane Flat store to close

The Crane Flat store is closing during the time the Big Oak Fat Road is down – until about Easter. It’s be shuttered March 1. With no traffic it makes no sense to staff it. You’ll have to get your Cheetos elsewhere. Crane Flat is that little jog left well after you enter the Hwy 120 entrance. It’s 120 to Tioga. . . . which is also closed. There are automated gas pumps so fill up there. Those will remain open if you are going to the Merced or Tuolumne Groves.

YNP Open House – Wednesday, February 29 from 1-4 pm in the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center Auditorium. The presentation will begin at 2 pm. Entrance fees will be waived for open house attendees.

As I told my Facebook fans, I do many other things than hiking Half Dome. Well, I’m obsessed with that but I also lecture on cruise ships, do public speaking, blog, teach Adult Ed and help old ladies cross the street. So occasionally I’ll be informing you of stuff close to my heart that you might want to look at. Call them “offers” or “promotions” or “commercials.”   I am teaching a Nordic Walking class in Los Gatos on March 10.

I’m a certified Instructor and have 10 loaner poles. The 4-1-1 -> Nordic Walking began in the 1990’s (last century) by the Finn’s cross country team as a way to keep in shape during the off season. It exploded in Europe and is emerging in the USA. Basically, you walk with lightweight poles by your side. You push into the ground and use your triceps and core – viola! 20% more calories burned; Heart rate up 608% and more 02 intake. Gosh. I’ll create and event – think about coming. $25 and off we go. Holler if interested.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: I’m walkin’, yes indeed, I’m talkin’ ‘bout you and me, I’m hopin’ that you’ll come back to me. I’m lonely asfI can be, I’m waitin’ for your company, I’m hopin’ that you’ll come back to me.” – Fats Domino 

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One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome

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