Yosemite’s Bears were very active in 2012

Yosemite has had a dedicated effort to reduce problems with the black bears at the park. The installation of hundreds of bear proof boxes has helped immensely. It wasn’t that many years ago that grandstands were set up to allow visitors to view the bears eating at garbage dumps. Education and prevention have gone a long way to reduce bear incidents. This is when bears take something of value from a human, regardless of who is “at fault.”

So far in 2012 (with the bulk of visitors gone now), there were 141 incidents in the whole park. Campgrounds were the most popular with 61 incidents and parking lots being the second most popular at 40. $37K in damage resulted. $33K of that was in parking lots as bears used their claws to peel back doors to get goodies inside.

This is an increase of almost 90% over last year’s 105 incidents. Monetarily, 2012 swamped 2011 when only $15K was surrendered. Not good, but way better than in 1998 when there were 1,390 incidents and $601K in damage. Yikes. We need to bring the number down farther.

Oh by the way, 17 bears were hit by cars so far. S L O W down.

FREE park admission this Saturday. Carpe a little Diem!

Another day without any hantavirus victims.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: Running Bear loved Little White Dove
with a love big as the sky. Running Bear loved Little White Dove with a love that couldn’t die.”
– Johnny Horton

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  1. Maureen L says:

    Sat Sept 29 = National Public Lands Day

    That’s the reason for free admission, and the occasion of many volunteer projects in the parks.

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