Yosemite Search & Rescue 2011 Stats

First, a shout out to the folks who came to my talk at REI Brentwood Thursday. A tip of the hat to Karen the Outreach manager there for a great set up. Being a dolt, I forgot my laptop power cord under the projection table. I had to go back out Saturday to get it. An almost 90-minute drive from San Jose-by-the-sea. I tend to forget things so now I have an address label on all my toys.

2011 was a busy year for the crack Yosemite SAR team. There were 889 incidents requiring EMS help. 202 bona fide SAR events with full protocol in effect. 88 “Major SARs” involving multiple agencies on significant efforts and 15 fatalities in the year. The 202 SARS cost $640K. The highest in recent years was in 2005 when the 231 SARS cost $1.2M.

The rescue methods employed included: Self-rescues, crutches with a hike out, litter & wheel carryout, ski-sled/snow machine, high angle raise or lower, helicopter, swiftwater and horse.

Our thoughts are with the owners of the Mariposa businesses whose establishments were destroyed by the horrible fire Friday night. I hope they had insurance. This photo was taken by the Sierra Sun Times.

OK, now 3 hours of Survivor. Big Finale tonight. The only show I watch.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: I am the god of hell-fire and I bring you F I R E.” – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown 

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