Yosemite and all National Parks are now open

Yosemite is now open

Yosemite is now open

Yosemite National Park reopens to park visitors tonight, October 16. Congress has ended the Shutdown. Visitors can access public areas and roads immediately while facilities and other public services are brought back on-line.

Major highways and roads leading into and through Yosemite National Park, including the Glacier Point and Mariposa Grove roads, are open to vehicles. Park visitor centers and campgrounds will reopen and Ranger-led programs will resume on October 17.

Let’s see if any word about refunds for Half Dome hikes that could not be done – through NO fault of the hikers with $8 permits.  I doubt it – there were no refunds if it snowed back in May. Trail crews will be assembled to remove the cables. It’s still a fine to go up without a permit. Next shot is in 2014. Permits roll into the lottery pool in March.

Register for the High Sierra Camps Webinar on at noon tomorrow.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The primary duty of the National Park Service is to  protect the national parks and national monuments under its jurisdiction and keep them as nearly in their natural state as this can be done in view of the fact that access to them must be provided in order that they may be used and enjoyed. ” – Stephen Mather, First NPS Dir

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3 Responses to Yosemite and all National Parks are now open

  1. Wow! This is totally a good news for everyone! I am so glad that the shut down is already been finish. There were be more people will be happy with this announcement and it gradually return the vitality of the park. Great post!

  2. Judy says:

    I’m one of those unlucky ones with a Half Dome hike cancelled because of the Federal Shutdown. A year’s planning and training down the tubes. But I did receive a refund for my permits.

    NPS sent an email early on (Oct. 2nd) stating:
    “Important Message Regarding Your Cables on Half Dome Permit

    We are temporarily unable to invite visitors to the Cables on Half Dome at Yosemite National Park due to the lapse of funding for the federal government. We will issue an automated cancellation and refund to your credit card should you be impacted. We invite you return to Recreation.gov for additional information after this situation resolves.”

    A couple of weeks later, I received an email from recreation.gov stating my reservation had been cancelled and the permit fees had been refunded. The only thing not refunded was the reservation fee but they stated that was non-refundable from the beginning.

    At this point, I plan to try again in two years. It is what it is.

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